Professional Content From A Certified Content Marketer

Are You Looking For A World-Class Writer?

One who knows how to write unforgettable content that sizzles at the top of Google? A writer that treats you with respect and listens to what you want?

Of course you are β€” who wouldn’t want that,

But you know what?

There’s not that many about.

You can jump on job-boards and see thousands of so-called writers offering you 1000 words for $40, but 99% of the time, the content is rubbish, rushed, and looks like it’s been written by a 5-year-old.

So, what’s the solution?

How Do You Find A Good Writer?

The first step is realizing that cheap writers aren’t the answer. When I say cheap I mean those charging around 0.02-0.06 per word β€” Most of them are rubbish.

You need to find one who has a proven track record.

Take me for example.

I know how to write content that gets results like the following:

I know how to do this because I have been trained by Jon Morrow, one of the best writers in the World. (name-drop, I know!)

Jon has a content marketing course that’s popular, but also tough to complete. You have to know what you’re doing β€” or you don’t graduate.

You see.

You don’t just pass the course because you pay him the $2000 fee.

His reputation is on the line because the students who graduate from the course are targeted by some of the most successful blogs and businesses. (Most are his friends and associates)

If he graduates a client who’s below standard, his reputation is up in smoke.

Anyhow, Jon and his team taught me for over 12 months and I graduated. I was already a decent writer, but what I learned was mind-blowing, unique, and took my writing to another level.

You can see my shiny certificate below:

Content Marketing Certificate

After the course, I was writing for clients and receiving feedback like this:

Colin was a pleasure to work with and responded to my questions quickly & professionally. The quality of the content he provided was nothing short of exceptional. I would 100% use his services again.

– Joel – Social-Boost


If you’re looking for the best writer that gets results and treats his clients like royalty, then look no further than Colin.

– Sharon – Balloon Decorators

I’m not showing you this to brag, (I am a little) but more to prove that I know what I’m doing when it comes to writing content.

I currently have a number of clients who use my services. Solopreneurs, Bloggers, and Multi-million-dollar businesses β€” All of whom know the importance of having quality content.

The good news for you.

I have room for a few more clients who are serious about their business.

If you work with me β€” I will improve your business. That’s the mindset I have when working with clients. I want you to think the sun shines out of my rear-end.

At the very least, I want you to rush to the contact form to book me again.

What Next?

If you want to work with me and you’ve heard enough then click on the contact button below:

You will be taken to my contact page where I ask you a few simple questions. Don’t worry, there’s nothing too heavy here, just a few questions to help me understand you and your needs better.

Once completed, I will contact you with a friendly email within 2 working days, and we’ll go from there.

Want More Information?

Click here to read the FAQ section. It covers everything you need to know, including costs, turnaround, process, and where you can view samples of my work.