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Everything You Need To Know

The below FAQ should answer any questions you have related to my writing services —If not, contact me here.

Q: How can I help you?

I work with businesses, marketers, and bloggers by helping them to achieve success through content marketing. Typically, my clients want more traffic to their respected websites/blogs, usually to make sales, increase subscribers, gain leads, increase authority, and above all else, to make money.

My job is to provide rock-star content that gets you results.

I can provide:

Web Copy — Home Pages, About Page, Contact Page, Service Pages, Landing Pages, etc.

Web Content — Blog Posts/Articles (Long and short), Content Rewrites, Case Studies, Ultimate Guides & Reviews.

Copywriting — Email Copy, Facebook Content & Sales Pages

Q: Why should I choose you?

I am a certified content marketer who has extensive knowledge in writing content that pleases the reader and the search engines. I use various styles and techniques to achieve the results you need.

Good content needs to capture the reader’s attention immediately, otherwise, they look elsewhere for the information they need. (Usually another website)

All my writing takes this in to account.

Q: What topics will you write about?

I specialize in business, marketing, and personal finance. However, I can also write in various other markets upon request.

Below is a selection of topics/markets, I can write about:

  • Internet Marketing ( Blogging, Email Marketing, Facebook, Advertising, etc)
  • Social Media
  • Website Traffic
  • Direct Mailing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Business
  • Personal Finance (Frugal Living, Loans, Credit Cards, Banks, etc)
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Relationships
  • Sport
  • Wealth
  • Make Money
  • Self Improvement
  • B2B

Q: What topics won’t you write about?

At this time, I choose to not actively write in the following areas:

  • Politics
  • Fashion

Q: How much do you charge?

I’m not a cheap writer.

That being said — I’m not too expensive either (Not Yet)

I only work with clients who understand the importance of quality content. Those who recognise the value of investing in their respected businesses.

I also value my time, your time, and my content marketing skills, so I tend to refuse to work with clients who are looking for a cheap fix.

I tend to charge by the project, but my typical rate is £0.12 ($0.15) per word.

Example: A 1,500 word article/blog post will cost £180 ($225).

Note: To rank high in the search engines, your blog post/article will typically need to be longer than the competition. (This is one of the many SEO strategies that I use when writing content). For this reason, some content will need to be longer than 1500 words for ranking purposes. We can discuss this in more detail during the email consult.

Note: Above prices are in UK & US currency.

Q: How can I pay you?

Payments can be made by Paypal.

I usually require that you pay a 50% deposit up-front. If for any reason you needed to cancel, then I would be willing to refund you half of this if I have not started the work. No refund is possible once I have started the project.

The remainder (extra 50%) of the fee will need to paid immediately after completion of the project.

Q: What do I get for the money?

  • I will perform a full review of your content brief (keywords, headlines, searcher intent, expectations, and more will be analysed.
  • I will perform extensive competitive analysis.
  • I will plan the best SEO strategy for the content.
  • I will provide the content outline for you to review.
  • I will write the content in full.
  • I will fully edit the content.
  • You will be offered 3 revisions of the content (If needed — I’ve never had more than one request).
  • You will receive the completed project on time.

Q: What is your typical turnaround time?

For small projects (single blog post or 1-page re-writes), then typically, about 1 week from confirmation date. For larger projects (multiple articles, etc), obviously, this takes a little longer, but typically about 2-4 weeks.

It all depends really.

I am usually booked up for a couple of weeks, so providing you with a completed project within 1 week of contacting me is not that easy, but we can discuss this during the initial email chat.

I provide all clients with an estimation turnaround date that shows project start and end date.

Do you have any writing samples of past work?

You can view work samples in my portfolio. For convenience, below is a link to the ultimate guide I wrote for Medium.

Ultimate Guide (Published on Medium) — Click here to read.

You can also view the sample article here if you don’t have access to Medium.

Q: What about images?

A: It’s your responsibility to provide the images. If no images are supplied to me, then I will place a placeholder Image throughout the content when appropriate.

If you don’t want any image placeholder in the content, then that’s fine — I wont add any.

Hopefully, this has answered your questions. Feel free to Contact me to receive a quote.