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Increase Your Business Sales With A Free Proven Email Sequence From A World Class Copywriter

One That Will:

  • Increase Your Open and Click-Through Rates:
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  • Increase Your Sales and Conversions:
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Yes, I Will Personally Send You A Bespoke Email Campaign For Free

Let me ask you two quick questions:

  1. Are your struggling to make sales?
  2. Are you ready to see a substantial increase in conversions and revenue?

If the answer is YES to either, then this is for you

Here’s the deal: You will be given a brand new and unique email sequence to use as you wish. The email series will consist of three emails that has been created to be used as a flash sale campaign. Basically, you can use this email series to sell a product or service you already sell.

It will be created using my expert knowledge and copywriting triggers. You can add it to your email autoresponder and send it out over a set period of time (I recommend five days).

There’s no catch — You simply sign up below and send me a few details, and I get to work.

Just so you know, though, this service can be pulled at anytime. If you’d like to learn more about why I’m doing this for free, just read the FAQs below; otherwise, sign up below to get the instructions sent to your email within minutes.

Your Questions Answered

Is this really free?

Yes 100% free.

Why Are You Doing This?

Two reasons:

1. My hope is that when you see results, which you should do if you do as I say and use them., then, you will then want to work with me for future email campaigns. I mean, if they make you sales then it would be a no brainer. You may want me to create a bunch of other emails for webinars, more flash sales, welcome series, product launches, or even just to write emails on an ongoing basis for your email subscribers . It all starts when you see that the emails make you money. You may also want me to create written website content for you — you see were I’m going here? The fact is this: The offer is free, no credit card required, no obligation to stick around, totally free. However, once you see results, you may want me to do more.

2. When you sign up for the free emails campaign, you also become a member of my newsletter (It’s free) . This means I have another person who will read what I have to share. Of course, you can unsubscribe, and please do if you are just after the freebie and not serious about using content to build a successful business. I don’t mean to sound arrogant, and apologies if it comes across like that, but my aim is to help business owners and if your heart isn’t in it, then , what’s the point. That doesn’t mean you have to buy, but rather, that you want to learn and read what the emails and content has to say. So yes, unsubscribe and run to the hills if you must, but maybe you should give me a chance because you might like what you read, and like what I say. It’s completely free to receive the newsletter.

What Happens Once I Enter My Details ?

Ok, so you will receive a welcome email within minutes with instructions. Basically, i will provide a brief introduction, and then a few questions you need about your email list (If you have one). The product or service you are promoting and that’s pretty much it to get the ball rolling. You will be provided with my personal email to send the information over.

How Long Will It Take?

It depends, could be within 24 hours, but typically within three working days.