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Colin Linnett is an experienced Blogger, Writer & Digital Marketer. He’s also a mature bachelor of Art Creative Writing Student.

Colin first searched Yahoo (Google wasn’t as popular then) for ways to make a living online in 2004. He had just become a father and needed to boost the family income.

He still remembers the name of the website the simple search took him to: an ebook-selling company called ‘The Book Whizz’. The copy mesmerised, promised the world, and within 24 hours, he’d spent a small fortune on a promise of making money,. Spoiler alert — it never happened; he lost it all.

This was a setback and a learning curve. Instead of quitting he dug deep, eventually becoming a member of the Warrior Forum and educated himself on the different methods to make money online. Affiliate marketing and email marketing was the first methods that made him a decent side income. The strategy back then was to write articles (Bum marketing) and publish them to article directories. It worked. He began to create blogs, and instead of posting to article directories, he posted on them. Although a lot has changed and developed since then, the same process of providing quality content and building an email list is still a key way to drive traffic and ultimately, raise revenue.

Colin has worked for some huge blogs as a writer, including Niche Pursuits, SEO Stream, and Encharge. In addition, he currently owns two blogs of his own, which he regularly adds content too.

Click the link below to read more about his journey, experience, and process and to see examples of his work.

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Quality writing combined with excellent customer service has always been
extremely important to Colin.

All clients are treated with the utmost respect, privacy and communication.

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