Want content that boosts your Brand, Customers, and Revenue? I can help.

Whether you’re a small, large, or somewhere in-between-sized business, I can help boost your traffic, business, and income by creating content with flair, ignited by SEO and creativity.

But first, let’s ask a few important questions

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions…

It’s time for expert help!

It’s time to meet Colin, (That’s me by the way – you can see a picture of my ugly mug on the About page) your certified and experienced content marketing expert from the UK.

If you want to see my portfolio, prices, credentials, resume, or nosedive to my contact page — It’s all available on this website (Hint: The menu bar above will get you there fast, and the About page is a good place to start).

So, What Exactly Can I Do For You?

Quite simply, I write content with a personal tone, that ticks SEO boxes and get’s people to click your links and purchase your products and services.

It’s that simple.

Excellent Copy

Great experience. Colin is responsive in his communication, follows briefs very closely, and writes readable and informative content. Highly recommended.”
Joseph Haliday
Kingsgate Copy

Fantastic Content!

If you’re looking for the best writer who gets results and treats his clients like royalty, then look no further than Colin. Is work is excellent”
Sharon faye
Balloon Decorators

If you want a blog post, case study or article written with creative flair — I can help you. It can be either bylined or ghost-written.

Bylined content means I write the content and will be listed as the author. A link to my portfolio or website will be displayed in a short bio, usually at the end of the content. In addition, I will upload the content to your WordPress website with basic formatting and include images and screenshots. However, you will be responsible for the featured image. Alternatively, I can just send you the content as is, for you to use as you wish.

Ghost-written content means I am not listed as the writer. Basically, I’m a ghost. You will receive all the same benefits as the bylined content, but there is no bio link anywhere. You can put your own name on the content (as if you wrote it) and do whatever you want with it. Obviously, this will come with a 20% extra charge due to me not being able to add my name, link or place it in my portfolio.

If you want an email or series of emails written with creative sparks, I can do this for you. Emails are always ghost written, so your clients and customers will think that you have written them yourself.

Emails are sent via word or Google document for you to load into your email software.

For more information on my services and why you should choose me, visit the FAQ page.

Why Me?

Years Marketing
Years of Writing
Years of SEO

Who Am I?

Certified Writer

I am a Smart blogger certified Writer

Published Content

I have over 100 articles published online

Creative Content

A Bachelor of Art Creative Writing Student

Colin Linnett is an experienced Blogger, Writer, Content Marketer, and a mature bachelor of Art, Creative Writing student at Edge Hill University. 

It was back in 2004 when Colin first searched Yahoo (Google wasn’t as popular back then) for ways to make a living online. He had just become a father and needed to boost the family income to give them the best life possible.

He still remembers the name of the website the search took him to, an ebook selling company called ‘The Book Whizz’. The copy hooked him in and he spent a small fortune on ads, expecting the money to flow — it never happened, he lost it all.

Although this was a set back, it was also a learning curve. Instead of quitting he became a member of the Warrior Forum and started to educate himself on the different methods to make money online. Affiliate marketing and email marketing was the first methods that made him a decent side income. The strategy back then was to write articles (Bum marketing) and publish them to article directories. It worked. He then started to learn and create blogs, and instead of posting to article directories, he posted to the blogs. Although a lot has changed and developed since then, the same process of providing quality content and building an email list is still a key way to drive traffic and ultimately, raise revenue.

Colin has worked for some huge blogs as a writer, including Niche Pursuits, SEO Stream, and Encharge. In addition, he currently owns two blogs of his own, which he regularly adds content too.

Click the link below to read more about his journey, experience, and process and to see examples of his work.

Writers That Make a Difference

Quality writing combined with excellent customer service has always been
extremely important to Colin.

All clients are treated with the utmost respect, privacy and communication.

Quality Content

Happy Client


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